The information contained herein is the geographical knowledge that the player characters have gathered about the world beyond the Moonshaes.


A nation on the Sword Coast. Allegedly a dangerous place (source: Raiza Il'imon).


A nation on the Sword Coast. The wizard Ibrahim comes from there. The country was once ruled by powerful elementals.


An island nation inhabited almost exclusively by gnomes. 

An island domain south of the Moonshaes dominated by pirates.
An island kingdom far to the north of the Moonshaes. It's where the Northlanders came from.
A nation on the Sword Coast. Recently went through a civil war. Callinda comes from there.
The Western Heartlands
A large area on the mainland.

A port city of Amn. Dangerous.
Baldur's Gate

A powerful independent city-state on the Sword Coast. Governing it are four "Grand Dukes". Piers has relatives there.

A city in the Western Heartlands (source: Saura Gautiero).
Port Nyranzaru
A place that is "south of everything else" according to Anhagan ap Woden. 
A powerful independent city-state on the Sword Coast and a trading partner of the Moonshaes. Referred to as the "City of Splendors". 

Bertha's Bountiful Bosom (The Triple B)
A popular inn on the isle of Mintarn. Small quarters but reasonable rates, with a charming owner whose bosom is indeed bountiful.
The Broken Keg
A tavern on the isle of Mintarn specializing in the fare of the southern lands of Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan... much to the chagrin of its previous owner, who lost the establishment in a game of cards and would rather it was a proper drinking hole like it used to be.
Candle Keep
The greatest repository of lore in all the Realms (source: Regan Kynedyr).
Her Lady's Fortune
Temple of Tymora on the isle of Mintarn. Priest: Roderick.
The Hall of Wonders
A museum in Baldur's Gate featuring marvels created by followers of Gond.
The House of the Cascade
Temple to Istishia in Baldur's Gate. High Priest: Ladonus.
The Hunter's Rest
A tavern in Baldur's Gate favored by frontiersmen and the like. Warm, quiet atmosphere with good drink, but it doesn't come cheap. Lots of animal trophies.
The Green Sage
An inn in Baldur's Gate favored by freelance mercenaries, especially mercenary captains. Owned and operated by Verne Kassadane, who originally hails from the Moonshaes.
Nodbender's Table
A festhall in Baldur's Gate run by gnomes, the Table is a massive subterranean cavern filled with platforms, rails, ladders and lifts. The food is very good, but it is also extremely expensive. Located across the road from the High Hall of Wonders. Recommended by Ladonus
Rabab's Fish Market
Located in Mintarn, Rabab's Market, not surprisingly, sells fish. However, living above his business is Loksa, the local herbalist.
The Skull and Shield
A tavern in Baldur's Gate favored by freelance mercenaries. Loud and ruckus, the atmosphere is one of barely restrained chaos. Poor ale, but cheap.
Three Old Kegs Inn
An inn in Baldur's Gate. Decent and inexpensive lodgings. Recommended by Ladonus.
The Warfather's Hall
Temple of Tempus on the isle of Mintarn. Priests: Vlanmir and Praefect Horatio.

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