The following classes are open for PCs (as long as the conditions, if any, are met):
  • Bard -- After 1st level. Must be trained.
  • Battle Sorcerer 
  • Cleric -- After 1st level. The only clerics encountered in the Moonshaes are those of Istishia and Tempus. Must be trained.
  • Druid -- Must be trained.
  • Fighter
  • Hunter (ranger variant without spells)
  • Mariner
  • Mystic (Favored Soul in Complete Divine) -- After 1st level.
  • Paladin -- After 1st level. Must be trained.
  • Ranger -- Must be trained.
  • Rogue
  • Scout (wilderness oriented rogue variant)
  • Sorcerer (Book of Eldritch Might variant)
  • Swashbuckler (from Complete Warrior) -- After 1st level.
  • Unfettered (from Arcana Unearthed) -- Many Northlander raiders are Unfettered.
  • Warmain (from Arcana Unearthed) -- After 1st level. Must be trained.
  • Witch (homebrew) -- Must be trained.
  • Wizard -- After 1st level. Must be trained.

Any class that requires training cannot be entered until that training is obtained. Once trained, a character can advance in the class normally without further instruction. However, seeking instruction will help in advancement (represented by a bonus in experience awards).

The following Prestige Classes are open to PCs. Anything outside of this list would require approval.
  • Arcane Trickster (DMG)
  • Divine Champion (Player's Guide to Faerun)
  • Divine Disciple (Player's Guide to Faerun)
  • Divine Seeker (Player's Guide to Faerun)
  • Duelist (DMG)
  • Invisible Blade (Complete Warrior)
  • Master Thrower (Complete Warrior)
  • Shadow Adept (Player's Guide to Faerun)
  • Shadowdancer (DMG)

The above list will no doubt grow as I examine more Prestige Classes. I'll probably add barred PrCs as well.

  • The Traits and Flaws introduced in Unearthed Arcana are available. PCs may take one Trait and one Flaw at first level.
  • The Speak Language skill is considered to be a general skill for all the classes listed above. Learning to speak a language costs 1 skill point. If the character is already familiar with the alphabet used for that language, literacy is automatically gained as well. However, if the alphabet is unfamiliar to the character, gaining literacy in the language will cost an additional skill point.
  • Ritualism and Religion have been added as Skills (descriptions forthcoming).
  • Unfettered Skill List: Open Locks is removed from the skill list and replaced with Listen.
  • Ride is a Trained Only Skill.
  • Toughness: In addition to the 3 bonus hit points this feat grants, it also increases the negative hit point total a character can reach before dying by 3.
  • When a character gains a new level, the player may choose to take an average roll (rounded up) for his or her hit point increase, rather than rolling a die.
  • Characters die when they reach a negative hit point amount equal to their Constitution score (instead of -10).
  • The Weapon Size system introduced in 3.5 is being ignored. The 3rd edition rules are being used instead.
  • Buff spells, such as Bull's Strength and Cat's Grace, have a duration of 10 minutes per level.
  • Invisibility has a duration of 10 minutes per level.
  • Fly has a duration of 10 minutes per level.

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