Campaign Disclaimer
So, here you are, reading about this campaign. You might be a DM yourself. You might be pondering running a Forgotten Realms campaign of your own. You might be thinking about setting that campaign in the Moonshaes. Researching the Moonshaes may have been what brought you to this site...

Well, in case even a smidgen of the above is true, you should probably know that Times of Turning is not 100% canon.

Gasp! Horrible, I know... but no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to leave well enough alone. On the other hand, I'm usually much worse.

This time around, I tried to stick to the established canon as much as possible. When I did depart from it, my goal was to remain true to what I thought was the spirit of the Moonshaes. I was a stickler with this particular game, because a couple of my players are entirely new to the Forgotten Realms, and I wanted their experience to be as "authentic" as I could bring myself to make it.

"Bring myself to make it" being the key phrase there. There was still stuff I just had to change, usually due to other goals I had for the game. One of these goals was to make the campaign more human-centric, thereby (hopefully) reintroducing an air of mystery and wonder to the non-human races. Another goal was to scale back the more fantastic aspects of the setting, so it'd be more "down to earth". However, there were some things I altered simply because I just didn't like them as they stood.

What I'll attempt to provide here is a summary of the more significant changes I've made...

History. I've changed the history of the region, most notably the recent history (since Alicia Kendrik's ascendancy). The alterations I made were primarily motivated by my dislike for the story as it evolved (as near as I can tell) in the novels. I've only read one Moonshae novel (it was the only one I could find), and, frankly, I thought it was awful. The one biggest change I've made to the historical canon would have to be the Earthmother's receding power (she pretty much "died" when Tristan ascended). In this take on the Moonshaes, that never happened.

Races. This is probably where the biggest changes I've made can be found. In the stock Moonshaes, all the major races dwell on the islands. However, I did away with dwarves, gnomes, elves (of the typical sort), halflings, and most of the monstrous types, including orcs and goblinoids. I kept the llewyrr (but I modifed them), trolls, gnolls, and the firbolg. I also added some races of my own design.

The Ffolk are called the telfyr. The Northlanders are called the rauthymar. Both of these names are rooted in the canon, but are not explicitly mentioned in the canon.

Regional Information. Wherever possible, I kept to the source material... but the material has a lot of blank spots that I had to fill in. For example, Snowdown has seen practically zero development in the canon. Almost everything about Snowdown, save the cantrev names and a couple of location names, is of my own making.

One interesting note: Mintarn is not exactly as it is in the current campaign world. My Mintarn is primarily based on how it was presented in the original Moonshae (FR2) sourcebook, which is different from how it's described now.

I did change Flamsterd's background, but whether or not these changes are revealed in the campaign remains to be seen. On the surface, the island is more-or-less as it is in the setting material. 

Culture. While not countering the canon outright, many of the cultural details I've added aren't specifically cited in the setting material (fosterage, for example). However, as I was drawing primarily from celtic and viking culture, and the Moonshaes are modeled after the same, there shouldn't really be a problem there.

Religion, Gods, and Belief.  I have embellished Jannath's children, and one of them -- Turi, the Dweller by the Well -- is entirely my own creation.

In the campaigns I've run over the years, Tempus and the Tempurian faith have evolved quite a bit. While my stuff doesn't directly contradict canon, it's much more involved than what's found in the setting material. Don't assume that everything you read is "stock".

Spirits. The Anymshee are my own thing, drawn and inspired by European folklore.

For the "real deal" on the Moonshaes, check out the Storyteller's Library, where you'll find all the books I've used for this campaign.

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