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* Resident of Llandrian

Aedre Abhain  Daughter of the High Laird of Snowdown
Aedre seems to be uptight and severe, though her demeanor softens when she’s dealing with her children. She dotes on her son, Gifre, quite a bit, and many seem to be of the opinion that she spoils him.
Agnes Nels (Mother Agnes) Farmer and Herder
Agnes is a kind and generous woman with an indomitable spirit. Although she is usually a passive and quiet member of the community, she becomes a pillar of strength during times of hardship, tirelessly helping others and serving as a reassuring presence for all. This behavior is what has earned her the name “Mother Agnes”. She is well respected in the cantrev.

Family: First child of Ofydd and Cay; sister of Hanrin and Duff; wife of Havlin; mother of Taggert and Torbin.

Algeir Bosun of the Ocean Flight
Algeir is the very picture of a Northlander barbarian... except that he's rather short. He seems to try to make up for his lack of physical stature by shouting a lot in his booming voice. 
Aislin Tremayne Midwife and Potter
Aislin is an even-tempered and thoughtful woman who, despite her function in the community, remains a somewhat private individual. Rarely venturing beyond the environs of her home, she socializes very little with anyone outside of her own family and the families of her brothers. Most attribute her reserved nature, at least partially, to the loss she suffered as a young woman, as her eyes still carry the sadness of it.

Twenty years ago Aislin was betrothed to Heilyn Angharad, a childhood sweetheart and a man she adored. Sadly, Heilyn was one of those who died in service to the High Laird, while routing trolls from the Dweller’s Wood. When Aislin heard the news, she was devastated. She became withdrawn and morose, burying herself in her craft and having little to do with anyone. Season after season passed, yet Aislin showed no sign of emerging from her melancholy. Few believed she would ever favor another man.

However, five years later her heart was re-ignited by the druid named Iden, a man several winters her elder, who had come to Llandrian to serve under Aislin’s grandfather. In just under two years, the couple married and soon after that came the twins. The changes in Aislin’s spirits over this time were dramatic and much welcomed, especially by her immediate family, but to this day she has never completely lost the detachment she developed in those dark years of mourning. Although she is pleasant enough in manner and a natural caretaker, only her husband, her brothers, her niece Ula, and, of course, her daughters, appear to be held close to her heart.

Family: Third child of Riordan the Elder and Jenna the Elder; sister of Liam and Garhalt; wife of Iden; mother of the twins, Ethme and Jenna.

Aloszek Rogue Draka
Aloszek is a mottled draka, who claimed to have betrayed his own kind. He sought sanctuary with the people of Llandrian and ended up in Westphal as a "guest" of the High Laird for many days. He offered valuable information during that time, which earned him his freedom. He departed Snowdown with Edrik Kynedyr and his companions in order to find a goodly dragon that he could serve.
Alroy Kynedyr Noble Son and Squire

Alroy, a handsome and haughty youth, was a constant companion of Nolan, his older brother, for most of his life. However, Alroy left for Westphal in 1370 to become a squire under Sir Tedmund, one of the High Laird’s knights. It's since been learned that he hasn’t been having the best time of it, and that he doesn't find anything to be of importance... not even the welfare of his own family..

Family: Second child of Torin the Elder and Mercia; brother of Nolan, Elias, and Rhian.

Anhagan ap Woden  Outsider
Anhagan's dark-olive skin, topaz eyes, and unusual attire clearly mark him as a foreigner. He is apparently some sort of druid. He came to Snowdown as a companion of Edrik Kyndedyr, to help deal with the draka threat.
Annis Seamere  Fisherfolk

Annis’ father was allegedly a Calashite trader, which would explain her dusky skin and somewhat exotic looking features, qualities that garnered her many suitors in her youth. She’s always been a bit of a flirt, so many of the women of the village don’t care for her, while many of the men like her just fine. Not surprisingly, rumors of infidelity have surfaced over the years, but so far none of them have appeared to hold any merit. Her husband, at least, seems convinced that Annis’ flirtations have never evolved beyond social teasing.

Annis is particularly fond of flirting with Garhalt Kynvelyn. Whether this is because of Garhalt’s charming demeanor, his wife’s nonchalance about it, or a combination of those factors is unknown, but when the two of them start exchanging ribald comments at festivals, it can be quite entertaining for those around them, and many will hover nearby one or the other in the hopes that such an exchange will occur.

Family: First child of Minerva; half-sister of Powell; wife of Casner; mother of Gwyn, Niles, Tara, and Rowyna.

Anson Kynedyr Laird of Harloch
Some would say that Regan Kynedyr's second son married well. Though his wife was, to put it kindly, not known for her beauty, she was the eldest daughter of a laird who had no sons. Thus, his marriage put him directly in line for the laird's seat. Anson recently and abruptly inherited that seat when his father-in-law was killed by the draka. However, he has yet to earn the full support of the people of his cantrev, so his position is tenuous.
Aramana Barber

A comely woman of lively temperament who originally hails from Westphal, Aramana has become the barber of Llandrian, a trade she learned while growing up in the island’s capital. She is the wife of Hagen the Northlander, and arrived in the cantrev with him over twenty years ago. Her daughter Saya came into the world shortly thereafter. A good listener with a disarming personality, and “fun” to be around, Aramana is well liked and, due to her profession, well acquainted with most everyone in the community. It’s safe to say that she is the primary reason why Hagen and his son were so quickly accepted when they first settled in the village.

Family: Wife of Hagen; stepmother of Vangrid; mother of Saya.

Arna Hagensen  Fisherfolk and Member of the Militia

Of Vangrid’s three children, it is Arna who has inherited the lion’s share of his Northlander heritage. She is a tall and muscular woman — larger than most of the men in Llandrian — with fair skin, golden hair, and ice-blue eyes: the very picture of a Rauthymar Sword Maiden. A member of the village’s militia, she can even handle a weapon well enough, but her first love is the sea. There is nothing she likes better than fishing with her grandfather, Hagen.

Unfortunately, all of this has had a bit of a dampening effect on Arna’s love life. While she would likely be considered a statuesque beauty by Northlander standards, to the Ffolk she’s an intimidating giantess that frequently smells of fish... which isn’t exactly an attractive proposition for courting. She’s traditionally taken this hindrance in stride — she’s a good-natured sort with a quirky sense of humor — but, at 20 years of age, she’s starting to get frustrated and, subsequently, a bit bolder in her efforts to find a husband.

Family: Second child of Vangrid and Shiana; sister of Vidar and Thorvid.

Bertha Innkeeper 
Bertha owns and operates the inn known as Bertha's Bountiful Bosom, also called the Triple B, on the isle of Mintarn. Her physical attributes live up to the name of her business. She is a personable woman and a member of the Tyrant's Hammers.
Bran Kynvelyn  Hunter and Ranger

Born prematurely during a harsh winter, Bran grew up a frail and sickly child. However, due to the efforts of his family and, he claims, his own faith in the Earthmother, his condition steadily improved throughout the course of his life. Today he is as healthy as any other man in Llandrian (evidenced by the fact that he’s sired three children in as many years). Only his slight build and diminutive stature remain as a legacy of his troubled childhood.

Bran is a thoughtful man, very observant, and personable in a quiet way. He is also extremely reverent, even by the standards of the Ffolk, and like a few others of Aldfrith blood, he is considered to be spirit-touched. Considering all of this, it should come as no surprise that Bran has chosen the ranger’s path in life.

Recently Bran was one of a handful of people who were "chosen" by the Mother to be Fianna, a warrior and guardian of Jannath's sacred lands.

Family: Second child of Garhalt and Leah. Brother of Ula. Husband of Cadhla. Father of Ardel, Ove, and Dyllon.

Braeved  The Old Warden of Liddenholm
Braeved, Son of Gwyn, Son of Braewyth, is the leader of the Renshi community hidden in the eastern hills of the Northern Weald.
Braxon Bloodfist Pirate Captain
This half-orc pirate was captured by agents of the Tyrant of Mintarn. He was given a chance to win his freedom by defeating the Tyrant's champion in mortal combat. He failed, dying in the battle.
Brek Northlander
A rauthymar warrior from the House of Sigard Helmudsen, in northern Alaron. He escorted Piers to Snowdown.
Brianna Kynedyr Noble Lady of Llandrian

Brianna married into the Kynedyr family at 16 years of age. Being a daughter of Llandrian’s druid, it was a significant union for her husband, Regan, who became the Laird of the community soon thereafter. As she is of Aldfrith blood, the blame for the peculiarities of her son, Edrik, and her grandson, Elias, is often placed at her feet, but this has never appeared to bother her.

After raising her four children, Brianna took to traveling across Snowdown, and sometimes even to other islands, becoming something of an ambassador for Llandrian. Until recently, she was rarely in the cantrev, but her age has been catching up to this otherwise vibrant woman. These days, she is more often at home, and it's soured her demeanor somewhat.

Family: Third child of Ardel and Orna. Sister of Quinn and Jenna the Elder. Wife of Regan. Mother of Torin, Anson, Shiana, and Edrik.

Bridden Finder of Liddenholm
Bridden, as renshi go, is impatient and impulsive... which ends up being roughly the same temperament as a cautious human's. However, for a jemanden or finder (a role that is not unlike a ranger's), such a mindset can be an advantage, as it makes it easier for Bridden to understand and accept the behavior of other races.
Bruinn Seamere (Bruinn the Younger) Fisherfolk

Bruinn was a gentle sort with an artistic temperament. He enjoyed playing the flute, and would sometimes play for hours while out at sea. He was one of the fisherfolk lost at sea in the autumn of 1372, during the unnatural storm that savaged Llandrian.

Family: First child of Willem and Gilna; brother of Canmin and Igrayne; husband of Kitre; father of Finian and Baed.


Cadhla Kynvelyn Chandler and Midwife’s Apprentice

Cadhla is a deeply spiritual person, wholly devoted to the teachings of Jannath. Painfully shy, she opens up to few people. However, since she’s been married, she’s warmed to her husband’s clan, the Kynvelyns. It’s fair to say that she practically idolizes Aislin Tremayne, who she’s been apprenticing under for several years now.

Family: Second child of Balin and Clarine. Sister of Girard. Wife of Bran. Mother of Ardel, Ove, and Dyllon.

Callinda Sorceress
Callinda is a dark-haired and dark-eyed woman whose attractiveness is a subtle thing, augmented by an obvious presence and charm. She hails from Tethyr and was brought to Snowdown by the Sisters Aldfrith, so that she could teach young Ethme the way of the sorcerer.
Canmin Seamere Fisherfolk and Guard
Canmin, who was on duty at Caer Kynedyr on the night of the draka raid, was brought low by the crossbow bolts of those creatures. He had been planning on marrying a woman from Harloch in the spring. Ironically, she was killed on that same night during the assault on Harloch.

Family: Second child of Gilna and Willem; brother of Bruinn the Younger and Igrayne. 

Casnar Seamere Fisherfolk

Perhaps the most good humored man in Llandrian, Casner is able to smile, even in the most trying of circumstances. He is well loved by his family and respected by his peers, though they do find his fondness for practical jokes trying at times.

Whenever a spokesperson for the fisherfolk is needed, Casner is invariably chosen for the task. His amiable demeanor and quick wit make him ideal for the role, but he also gets along particularly well with Laird Regan, which doesn’t hurt.

Family: First child of Dayne and Narise. Brother of Willem, Ernan the Elder, and Erin. Husband of Annis. Father of Gwyn, Niles, Tara, and Rowyna.

Castor Brenagaine Smith

Although his father, Dowle, remains the master smith of Llandrian, Castor does most of the work these days, leaving his father free to focus on the special commissions that he receives from all over the island. Being a friendly sort, it’s not something Castor minds, as it brings everyone in the community to his smithy. He is a man who enjoys his work, primarily because it means he's making things for other people. He takes great care in his craft, even when he's producing the simplest items. As a merchant, Castor wouldn't be very successful, because he's too generous with his time, effort, and materials. Luckily, he's in a community that appreciates these things and answers them with equal generosity. However, this doesn't stop his wife from trying to instill in him a more practical business sense.

Family: Third child of Dowle and Kaitlin. Brother of Minead and Neala. Husband of Evelyne. Father if Innis and Betha.

Connel Eideard Deputy Guardsman

Among the Llandrian guards, Connel is second in skill and in rank only to Vangrid Hagensen. According to village gossip, this is a fact about which he is all too painfully aware. Connel doesn’t much care for the Northlander. Truth be told, Connel doesn’t appear to care for anything that isn’t, in his view, normal or traditional by conservative Ffolk standards.

Connel is good friends with Torin Kynedyr, the heir apparent of Llandrian. In fact, he named his second son after the man, which is a demonstration of great respect. It’s widely assumed that, when Torin becomes Laird, Vangrid will be ousted from his position as captain of the guard and replaced by Connel.

Family: Second child of Riddock and Kailee. Brother of Leah. Husband of Neala. Father of Riddock the Younger, Torin the Younger, and Rory.

Corwyn Kynvelyn Hunter, Scout, and Trapper

As a child, Corwyn was high-spirited and curious. As a young adult he’s much the same, though he’s not quite as reckless… most of the time. It’s often said that Corwyn was born to the wrong Kynvelyn, as he is considerably closer in temperament to his uncle, Garhalt, than to his father and brother, who are both known for their level-headed judgment and dependability.

Family: Second child of Liam and Duana. Brother of Riordan the Younger.

Darton Ranger of Andover
Taciturn and capable Darton is a Ranger and one of the elder hunters of the cantrev of Andover. He is good friends with the Sisters Aldfrith. His son, Gavin, recently became Fianna, a spirit warrior of the Mother.
Donnard Captain of the Harloch Guard
Donnard is a gruff, barrel-chested and remarkably unkempt guardsman in the cantrev of Harloch. He temporarily took charge of the village when both the laird and the druid were killed by draka. It's rumored that many in Harloch would prefer him to be the new, permanent laird instead of Anson Kynedyr. 

Doranadin Oathborn (Din) Dwarven Trollslayer

Din is a severe looking dwarf sporting a brightly colored mohawk and many tattoos. When fist encountered, he was serving as bodyguard and guide for the mage and naturalist, Oliver.
Dowle Brenagaine Master Smith
Dowle Brenagaine is widely regarded as a genius, and he demonstrates the eccentricity in character that is often associated with that quality. He is utterly devoted to his craft. He can get lost in a project for days and would likely forget to eat, drink, or sleep, were it not for the attentiveness of his wife. He talks of little else beyond his art... when he talks at all, which isn’t often.

The quality of Dowle’s craftsmanship is known all across Snowdown. These days he works for a fairly exclusive clientele, consisting mostly of nobles, while his son handles the more mundane demands of the cantrev. His most well known work is Alyssion, the Sword of Snowdown, which he made for High Laird Pwylloch in 1369.

Family: Son of Bernaird and Denalva. Husband of Kaitlin. Father of Minaed, Neala, and Castor.

Duana Kynvelyn Weaver and Leatherworker
Duana is a fierce and headstrong woman, who was very much a tomboy in her youth. It’s claimed she married Liam simply because he was the only one who could best her in hunting. Though she has settled down a bit over the years, her love for the wild has not diminished. If she’s not at home, she can often be found wandering the wood, smoking her ever-present pipe. She’s even been known to go out and track her husband, purely for the sport of it. If the tales are true — and they likely are — she has successfully ambushed him on multiple occasions.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Duana is where her son Corwyn gets his wild streak… though even she has been frequently frustrated by the boy’s propensity for getting into trouble. “I was never that bad,” she’s been heard to say.

Family: First child of Shamus and Moira. Sister of Uther and Fiona. Wife of Liam. Mother of Riordan the Younger and Corwyn.

Duncan Kyrmac Son of the High Laird
Known to be a bit of a drunkard, Duncan also doesn’t take much care of himself. He’s somewhat out of shape and he generally appears disheveled. This is an unusual trait for one of the Ffolk, but it’s particularly strange for the son of the High Laird. It’s known that Duncan’s father and mother find his odious habits untenable, but that doesn’t seem to be enough encouragement for Duncan to change. In fact, it seems as though he might even enjoy the consternation he causes for his parents.

Though he’s in line for the High Laird’s throne, Duncan doesn’t demonstrate any real desire for the position. Rumor has it that he recently left the island. While that’s surprising in and of itself, even more surprising is the claim that he departed with his father’s blessings.

Edrik Kynedyr Wayward Son of Llandrian
The fourth child of Regan and Brianna clearly carried the mark of his Aldfrith blood. This is what made Edrik Kynedyr something of an outsider amongst his own people. Even though he demonstrated many valuable talents (Edrik seemed incapable of doing anything poorly, no matter what he tried his hand at), most found him to be off-putting. Perhaps this was the reason why Edrik, upon his Day of Choosing, left the island. Even though the Great Hunt was still underway at the time.

However, Edrik has recently returned to Snowdown, answering the High Laird's call for adventurers, and he did not come alone.

Ellery Brethwell Bureaucrat
Ellery is a minor official from Calidyrr who was sent along with Piers to properly formalize the Northlander’s fosterage. He didn’t much care for the journey. Urbane and somewhat self-important, the gentleman was obviously discomfited by a rural environment.
Ernan Prosser (Ernan the Younger) Farmer

Ernan is known for being crafty and eternally optimistic. He was set on marrying Ula for most of his life. Obviously, his unwavering tenacity paid off. He is a frustrated inventor, forever trying to come up with ways to make working the land an easier task.

Family: First and only child of Keefe and Erin. Husband of Ula. Father of Kian.

Ezekiael Istishian Priest
A wild-eyed and accomplished Istishian priest connected to the temple in Calidyrr, Ezekiael spends the bulk of his time at sea.

Galiene Gorsedd Merchant
Galiene is not a very affable sort. She is essentially distrusting and pessimistic, a person who firmly believes that it is the safest course to assume the worst, and that you can never be too safe or too prepared. She runs a strict and efficient household and keeps an eye on her husband's business as well.

Family: Second child of Lennis and Blair; Sister of Clancy and Tristan; Wife of Powell; Mother of Rorke, Torri, and Jatha.  

Galloban Seer

A hunchbacked and heavily cloaked mound of a man, Galloban is a member of the crew of the Ocean Flight. As a seer, his purpose is to foresee mishap so that Captain Ierne can then avoid it. Galloban may not be human but it's impossible to tell, because he is rarely seen, and when he is visible, he's buried in layers of clothing.
Garhalt Kynvelyn Hunter and Scout
Garhalt’s father was a bard, and though he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps, all indications suggest that he could have. Personable, outgoing and jocular, it’s difficult for anyone to dislike the man. He’s also a fine musician. One of his compositions, “Ode to a Lady Fair,” is a favorite across the whole island.

Though he is far from stupid, Garhalt has often demonstrated an alarming lack of foresight. “My brother hogged it all up,” he’s been known to remark. “But I got the good looks.” Despite his cavalier attitude, Garhalt is quick enough to admit his flaw, and he openly depends on his brother to compensate for it.

Family: Second child of Riordan the Elder and Jenna the Elder; Brother of Liam and Aislin; Husband of Leah; Father of Ula and Bran  

Gavin  Blind Son of Darton
Gavin is a young man who lost his sight some years ago due to a fever. The illness would've taken his life, were it not for the intervention of the Sisters Aldfrith. He is the son of Darton the Ranger, and was recently blessed by the Mother, chosen to be one of her Fianna.
Genek Bosun of the Venture
Genek is a large, heavily-muscled  half-orc, serving as the bosun on the merchant ship, the Venture. He seems to be a very suspicious sort, but loyal to his captain.
Gifre Abhain Grandson of the High Laird of Snowdown
Gifre is the son of Aedre and Raudson Abhain. As his mother is the first born of the High Laird, he is in direct line for the throne of Snowdown. He is an energetic boy who is quite captured with the concept of knighthood. He especially likes sword fighting and jousting. His mother dotes on him constantly.
Gilna Seamere Fisherfolk

1372 was a horribly tragic year for Gilna Seamere. Her son, Canmin was killed in the draka assault on Llandrian. Days later, her remaining son and her husband were lost at sea during the autumn storm that was allegedly called by those same creatures. If that weren't enough, she also feared for her daughter Igrayne's life when news of the fate that befell Brannoch reached Llandrian (Igrayne had married a man from that village and moved there in 1368).

Fortunately, it has since been learned that Igrayne and her family were of the few that survived Brannoch's destruction. They are expected to relocate to Llandrian in the spring. This is the only thing that has kept Gilna going.

Family: First child of Bruinn the Elder and Odara the Elder; sister of Parlan, Eirwyn, and Heilyn; wife of Willem, mother of Bruinn the Younger, Canmin, and Igrayne.

Glew Kynedyr Son of the Laird of Harloch
Neither of Glew's parents are known for their good looks, but sadly the boy has inherited the worst features of both. Eyes too small for his face and lacking a chin, Glew's unfortunate dearth of any redeeming physical attribute is exacerbated by the fact that he's also overweight... and short. On the bright side, he's too good-natured and optimistic (and perhaps too dull) to fully appreciate his woeful circumstance. He fully intends to marry Ethme Tremayne when he comes of age, which all agree is... a lofty ambition.
Gwyn Seamere Fisherfolk

Gwyn is a  fellow who, according to his father, "takes life too seriously." This has made him a favored target for Casnar's practical jokes. Being his father's straight man used to make Gwyn quite angry, but he's mellowed over the years. He even tried to get in on the fun at one point, concocting his own practical jokes that he'd then spring on his daughters. However, these stunts never turned out well and weren't particularly funny anyway. He has since left the joke business to the master, his father.

Gwyn and his brother Niles narrowly avoided death in the autumn of 1372, when they were caught out at sea  in a sudden, unnatural storm.

Family: First child of Casnar and Annis; Brother of Niles, Tara, and Rowyna; Husband of Kyva; Father of Kay and Lana.


Hagen Mercenary turned Fisherman
Hagen, a Northlander, came to the island decades ago, while his son was still a boy. Formerly a mercenary under the employ of the High Laird, Hagen retired from that life when his Ffolk wife, Aramana, became pregnant. He chose to settle in Llandrian, and took up the life of a fisherman. It’s a profession that he has since become very good at. He doesn’t appear to miss the warrior’s path. Although he is never without his battleaxe, and still trains with it every day.

Hagen is a stoic fellow of few words. He is also very much what people envision when they imagine what a Northlander looks like: a bearded, fair-haired and blue-eyed giant, marked with many battle scars. One scar in particular looks like a backwards question mark. It encircles his right eye and extends down under his beard. He has never offered the story of how he acquired it.

Family: Husband of Amarana. Father of Vangrid and Saya.

Heroan High Druid of Snowdown
Heroan is an elderly man who has the distressing habit of just appearing nearby, seemingly out of nowhere. He is always accompanied by a large, gray wolf.
Horatio Tempurian Priest
A short and stocky but formidable looking fellow, Horatio comes from a distant eastern land where the Tempurian faith is practiced somewhat differently from the accepted norm in the Moonshaes. Currently based in Mintarn and maintaining the temple there with Vlanmir, Horatio has admitted that he may move deeper into the islands to live amongst the Northlanders at some point.
The Horned Man Dragon Warrior
The monster who came to be called the Horned Man menaced the isle of Snowdown in the spring of 1373, mostly by being a figure the Draka could rally around. He was apparently driven from the island by Edrik Kynedyr and company, and his current whereabouts are unknown. Due to his black, scaly skin, his horns, and his size -- not to mention his ability to spit acid -- it's theorized that the Horned Man is a half-dragon, or some other creature of draconic heritage. He is a warrior of considerable skill and, by all accounts, quite bloodthirsty.

Ibrahim The Wizard of Westphal
Ibrahim is a Calashite who came to Snowdown many years ago. It’s said he owes High Laird Pwylloch his life, and so he remains in service to the throne to pay the debt. One rarely sees Pwylloch without seeing Ibrahim by his side. He’s says little, but he’s always watching and listening.

Because Ibrahim is a wizard, many distrust him. Some are even fearful of him. Pwylloch, however, seems entirely comfortable with the foreigner’s company. When the High Laird launched his crusade against the monstrous threats of the island, Ibrahim was instrumental in the success of the campaign.

Ibrahim has a brother in Calimshan, with whom he corresponds.

Ibran Priest of Istishia
Ibran serves as a healer aboard the Venture, an amnite merchant vessel. A middle-aged man of slight build and unmemorable features, he comes across as being a very rational, easy-going sort who is amused by the ironies in life. 
Iden Tremayne Druid of Llandrian
Iden, like most Jannathi, is a steady and assiduous person. As the Druid of Llandrian, he is the spiritual leader of the village and the appointed caretaker of the wilds that surround it. He goes about his responsibilities with a competence that most find reassuring. There is a definite sense in the community that, as long as Iden is about, everything will be okay.

Iden is not native to the cantrev, or even to Snowdown. He originally hails from southern Alaron, but was assigned to Llandrian by the hierarchy within his faith.

Family: Husband of Aislin. Father of Ethme and Jenna the Younger.

Jatha Gorsedd Woodcarver
Jatha is a bit of a wallflower. She also may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, if her mother is to be believed, and something of a clutz. She is fond of making woodcarvings, especially of animals. Most children in Llandrian have a toy made by her hand.

Family: Third child of Powell and Galiene; Sister of Rorke and Torri.

Jebediah Gurnz Captain of the Black Maelstrom
The "Black Bastard of the Swordcoast" is, according to sources on Mintarn, an amoral opportunist who dabbles in dark and diabolic magicks. It's also said that, if Gurnz had half a wit, he might actually be dangerous. Though he is a man of few redeeming qualities, the captain of the Black Maelstrom does allegedly possess some small measure of honor. He stays bought and keeps his word.
Julienna Abhain Noble Daughter
A grandchild of the High Laird. Daughter of Aedre and Raudson, sister of Gifre. In 1372 she had her 3rd birthday.

Kerig Ierne Captain of the Ocean Flight
Kerig Ierne is a Ffolk ship captain, which is odd enough. Even stranger, though, is the fact that he hails from Moray, and people from that island aren't exactly known for their affinity with the sea. However, Kerig is said to not only have such an affinity, but is ranger-like in his spiritual connection to it.

Laraiza Il'syne Captain of the Venture
This Amnite woman is as shrewd as she is beautiful. Raiza, an associate of hers, claims that she is an honorable woman in a world that considers such a trait a liability (said world being the economic environment of Amn). For this reason, Raiza often serves her interests.
Leah Kynvelyn Leatherworker
Though laidback in temperament, Leah is a friendly, cheerful woman. A natural leader, her's is a subtle air of authority; a quiet confidence that others are drawn to often without even being aware of it.

Family: First child of Riddock and Kailee. Sister of Connel. Wife of Garhalt. Mother of Ula and Bran.

Legear Warden of Liddenholm
Legear is a quiet sort, even for a renshi. He helped protect Llandrian in the aftermath of the draka assault, during Iden's absence from the village.
Lennis Konnard High Captain of the Guard of Westphal
A gruff and abrupt man is Lennis Konnard, but he is not unreasonable nor unkind. He is a veteran of the Great Hunt, and apparently thinks that some of the lessons learned about the draka during that endeavor have been lost. 
Liam Kynvelyn Hunter
Liam is the night to his brother’s day. Serious-minded, careful and sensible, he could almost be described as grim, were it not for his empathic nature and dry humor. Though it’s easy to believe he’s an emotionally distant man, the truth is he’s quite the opposite. He is merely very sedate and personal in his expressions.

Liam is the effective leader of the hunters of Llandrian, and one of the most respected members of the community. He is also easily one of the best archers on the whole island. From his father he inherited an enchanting singing voice, which he is called on to employ at nearly every festival.

Family: First child of Riordan the Elder and Jenna the Elder. Brother of Garhalt and Aislin. Husband of Duana. Father of Riordan the Younger and Corwyn.

Loksa Herbalist of Mintarn
Scatter-brained Loksa is a skilled herbalist, despite her mental state. She may even be a witch. She is a flighty wisp of a crone who owns far more cats than she should.  

Maeve Kynvelyn Apprentice Midwife
Maeve is the third of Aislin Tremayne’s three apprentices (the other two being Ula and Cadhla). Like her father, she possesses a wry wit that can be caustic and biting if she happens to be in a foul mood. Despite her questionable bedside manner, of Aislin’s apprentices, Maeve has become the most skilled in the medicinal arts. This is largely due to her considerable intelligence. Had she been born to another family and in another place, it’s very probable that Maeve would’ve become a practitioner of the arcane.

Family: Fourth child of Parlan and Fenella. Sister of Peyton, Shaw, and Odara. Wife of Riordan the Younger. Mother of Llyr.

Marcus the Younger Very Fast Youth
Marcus is a boy of about 14 years of age who resides in the cantrev of Harloch. He’s a natural born runner. Recently he was chosen by the Mother to be one of the Fianna.
Mercia Kynedyr Noble
Mercia is related to the Kyrmac family of Westphal, which is obvious if one studies her long enough. Like many of her southern kin, she demonstrates a detached air that only amplifies her regal bearing. Most people find her to be intimidating, and she’s been known to use this to her advantage from time to time. However, the woman’s outward demeanor doesn’t necessarily reflect who she actually is.

Several people within the Kynedyr household have commented that Mercia is not the hardnosed matriarch she makes herself out to be. When she isn’t faced with an audience, she is usually deferential and reserved. To most, the real Mercia is an enigma. If anyone truly knows her, it would be her husband… but even that is questionable.

Family: Wife of Torin the Elder. Mother of Nolan, Alroy, Elias, and Rhian.

Morgance Kyrmac High Lady of Snowdown
The wife of the High Laird is the very picture of propriety and nobility. Related to the Pendaryns of southern Alaron, she comes from a long and illustrious bloodline. Some say that she dislikes being so isolated from the “heart” of things, but there is no doubt regarding her dedication to her husband and family.

Sir Nerian Knight of Westphal
Red-haired Sir Nerian is a knight in service to the throne of Snowdown. He has a penchant for theology, and enjoys discussing the topic with anyone who will lend an ear. Most would call him articulate and expressive, but his closest friend, Sir Tedmund, simply labels him a windbag. It’s also known that Nerian has a fondness for mead, ale, brandy, and just about any other intoxicating libation.
Niles Seamere Fisherfolk and Merchant
Though he is well into his twenties, Niles Seamere has yet to take a wife, nor does he seem particularly interested in doing so. He claims to have a lady love in Westphal, but he rarely speaks of her and no one has ever seen her.

A fisherman like his brother and father, Niles is also the trader of Llandrian's fisherfolk. He regularly takes goods produced by his community south to Harloch and Westphal. It's a role he inherited from his grandfather, Dayne, who is now too old for it. Niles is well-suited for the job, as he has the same personable quality that his father is known for.

Niles and his brother Gwyn narrowly avoided death in the autumn of 1372, when they were caught out at sea  in a sudden, unnatural storm.

Family: Second child of Casnar and Annis; Brother of Gwyn, Tara, and Rowyna.

Nolan Kynedyr Noble Son
As the first son of Torin, Nolan is in line to be the Laird of Llandrian… and he knows it. He is constantly striving to meet his father’s approval, and he very often succeeds. Now a man, Nolan’s responsibilities in the cantrev have increased considerably, but he has met the challenge straight on and is handling it well.

Nolan seems to have adopted the conservative viewpoint held by folks like his father and Connel Eideard.

Family: First child of Torin the Elder and Mercia. Brother of Alroy, Elias, and Rhian

Nuala Aldfrith Witch
One of the Sisters Aldfrith, Nuala is frequently described as “the kindly one.” She is a spirited old crone with an earthy sense of humor. She delights in jokes, loves to cook, and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of plants and herbs. Her familiar is a white rat named Ofred that is "too clever for its own good," according to Nuala's sister, Sorscha.

Odara Hagensen Member of the Llandrian Militia
Parlan used to refer to Odara as his "third son" due to her tomboy antics and her apparently singular interest in fighting. He lamented that no man would ever have her. Fortunately for Parlan's nerves, Vidar Hagensen, who Odara had a crush on for many years, took a shine to her rough and tumble nature. The two are now married, with a child.
Oliver Naturalist
Oliver is a sturdy looking man, but also clumsy. He is a sage and wizard who is interested in trolls. He believes trolls originated from the Moonshaes, and he came to the islands to seek proof of his theories. When encountered, he was traveling with Din, a dwarf, who was serving as his bodyguard and guide.

Parlan Angharard Farmer
Parlan is a no-nonsense type of fellow, who’s known for his sardonic sense of humor. Many would call him a cynic, but he sees himself as a realist. Despite his complaints, he is obviously very proud of his children... even Odara, his daughter, who he has often referred to as his third son.

Family: Second child of Bruinn and Odara the Elder; Brother of Gilna, Eirwin and Heilyn; Husband of Fenella; Father of Peyton, Shaw, Odara and Maeve.

Powell Gorsedd Carpenter
Powell is an extremely careful, methodical man. Also, though he is far from being the smartest person in Llandrian (to put it politely), he has a way of finding the simplest and most direct solution to any problem put in front of him. These traits have served him well in his craft. He may not be as renowned a craftsman as Dowel Brenagaine, but the quality of his work is respected, and he boasts regular customers beyond Llandrian, specifically in Harloch and Westphal.

Powell and the Northlander Hagen have formed a strong bond over the years (their relationship having developed around their mutual interest in the construction of boats). They would probably be closer than they are, were it not for the fact that Powell's wife, Galiene, doesn't really approve of the rauthymar or his kin.

Family: Son of Renald and Minerva ; Half-brother of Annis; Husband of Galiene; Father of Rorke, Torri, and Jatha.

Pwylloch Kyrmac High Laird of Snowdown
“Dour Pwyl” is the High Laird’s nickname, and not without reason. He is a stern and humorless individual, known for holding exacting standards. However, his firm dedication to principle and his unwavering commitment to the people of Snowdown inspires a deep loyalty in those who follow him. Pwylloch is someone who is larger than life. Even though he is a difficult man to deal with, many are able to see his strength and spirit, and consider him to be worth the trouble. That he has accomplished much for the island during his reign hasn’t hurt impressions either.

It should also be noted that the High Laird is not a stingy man. In fact, he is known for being eminently fair, just, and honorable. As harsh as his expectations tend to be, he is equally generous in his rewards for effort and excellence. Do well by Pwylloch, and he will do well by you.

Raiza Il’imon Priest of Assuran, the Doombringer
The man who calls himself Raiza Il’imon washed up on the shores of Llandrian after the apparent shipwreck of a Nalanthese pirate vessel. Obviously from the southern lands of the Sword Coast (Amn specifically), Raiza professes to be a priest of  “Assuran the Doombringer,” a god from a very distant eastern land.

Raphael Priest of Istishia

Father of Samael, Seeker Raphael is the high priest of the Istishian temple in Calidyrr. He is a tall, slender man of noble features. Once a redhead, his hair and beard have faded with age to a light strawberry-blonde.
Raudson Abhain Noble
Raudson is the husband of Aedre, the daughter of the High Laird of Snowdown. He is a quiet, unmemorable man who seems content to live in his wife’s shadow. With Duncan Kyrmac gone from the island, it’s quite likely that Raudson could become the next High Laird of the island.
The Reaver Champion of Mintarn
The Reaver was once a pirate who fought to keep his life and freedom in the Mintarn arena. He won that fight and instead of fleeing the island, decided to become its new champion. Criminals sentenced to death by the Tyrant have one chance to avoid their punishment: by defeating the Reaver in mortal combat. Obviously, no one has beaten him yet. He has been the Champion for several years now. 
Regan Kynedyr The Laird of Llandrian
Some would say that Regan has spent most of his life working very hard at not having to work at all. When reviewing the current state of affairs in his cantrev, it’s apparent that he’s been relatively successful in realizing that goal. Regan has relinquished the bulk of his responsibilities to his son, Torin, and spends most of his days sequestered away in his chambers doing… whatever it is he does in there. No one really knows what he does, because he’s very tight-lipped about it.

This is not to say that Regan has neglected his charge. On the contrary. He has always done his duty and fulfilled his obligation, and the village has only prospered since he inherited it. However, there has always been an anxiousness underlying his reign, an expectation that he could, at any time, just drop everything and run away. No one would be surprised if he did.

The Laird is a smart man, learned, and down-to-earth. He speaks bluntly, sometimes even to the point of offense. He can be crass, and he’ll behave that way sometimes simply to get a rise out of someone. As he’s aged he’s become somewhat addled, though he appears to recognize this and isn’t above using it as an excuse to get away with even more shocking behavior. Overall, his strategy appears to be to get people to leave him alone. For the most part, it works.

Family: Brother of Elsbeth and Kale. Husband of Brianna. Father of Torin, Anson, Shiana, and Edrik.

Rhian Kynedyr Noble
Young Rhian was an unexpected addition to the Kynedyr family. In 1372 she had her 4th birthday. She is a bright and friendly child.

Family: Fourth child of Torin and Mercia. Sister of Nolan, Alroy, and Elias.

Riddock Eideard Apprentice Smith
The eldest son of Connel Eideard is a strapping young lad who keeps his own counsel. He’s a hard worker who greatly values his apprenticeship under his uncle, Castor. He’s also a terror on the hurley field.

Family: First child of Connel and Neala. Brother of Torin the Younger and Rory.

Riordan Kynvelyn Hunter and Guard
Level-headed and dependable like his father, Riordan is also like father in that he is a natural leader who commands the deference of many of his peers. Though he is a hunter, he doesn’t share the connection to the wilderness that most of his family exhibits. Riordan is instead drawn to the warrior’s path, which is revealed by his choice to join the guard.

Family: First son of Liam and Duana. Brother of Corwyn. Husband of Maeve.

Roderick Priest of Tymora
Roderick is the sole Tymoran priest on Mintarn. The native congregation is very small, so Roderick spends most of his time painting and drinking. He has the look of a Northlander -- a mane of golden curls, blue eyes, beard, red cheeks -- but is rather slight in stature.
Rohn Kardyn Istishian Widow
The tragedies suffered by Llandrian in the autumn of 1372 have made Rohn the village's only remaining true Istishian. She is a woman whose life has been peppered with loss. She lost both her husband and son in the Great Hunt, and later lost her daughter to an incurable illness.

Family: Second child of Gavin and Lavena; Sister of Lindee and Desmond; Wife of Doln; Mother of Tysha.

Ruavard Quarry Thing
Ruavard is an anymshee that lives in the quarry behind the home of the Sisters Aldfrith. Unlike the sheeaghan found in house and field, he is a purely wild spirit. Despite this, he seems well-intentioned… if not very bright.

Roughly man-shaped, Ruavard otherwise looks like a most ill-thought blending of a cat and a frog. He possesses impossibly long arms and enormous strength.

Salim Idras First Mate and Navigator of the Ocean Flight
Salim is a reserved, serious looking man from the southern Sword Coast, probably Amn. He and his Captain seem to be quite close.
Samael Istishian Priest
Samael is a young man and an initiate priest of Istishia who is on the threshold of becoming a full Seeker. He is sedate in manner, easy-going, and observant. His father, Raphael, is the High Istishian Priest in Calidyrr, and from him Samael has inherited a tinge of red in his otherwise dark-brown hair.
Saya Apprentice Barber
Saya is a beauty who is sought after by many of the young men of Llandrian. Sadly for them, she doesn’t seem particularly interested in taking a husband… though she most assuredly enjoys the attention they lavish on her.

Family: Child of Hagen and Aramana. Half-sister of Vangrid.

Saura Gautiero Outsider
To call Saura stunning would be an understatment. Her beauty borders on being unearthly, and it can be difficult for one to look away from her. She is one of Edrik Kynedyr's companions, and is allegedly a priestess, though it is not yet known who her god is. She is quite literally larger than life, as she checks in at just under seven feet tall. Her attire and armor feature warm colors of violet-red and lavender, and she carries both a greatsword and an elaborately decorated mace. 
Sephaerian Llewyrr Mage
Sephaerian, who allegedly lives in the Daunsannym Forest, is a member of the ancient llewyrr race. He (she?) was enlisted by Sorscha Aldfrith to teach Jenna Tremayne certain somatic techniques used in spellcasting.
Shane Dermont Apprentice Druid
Shane has many qualities that would serve a druid well. First and foremost, he has an eidetic memory. He need only see a thing once, or read it once, and he will remember it with perfect recall. He also has a natural talent for languages and an ability to quickly grasp the workings of other cultures.

However, sadly, Shane is also a bit of a klutz, easily excitable, and is decidedly lacking in self confidence. It’s not yet known what sort of druid he’ll make, beyond the belief that he could end up being a very bad one. Iden has faith in him, though, and perhaps that’s all that matters.

Family: First child of Uther and Minead. Brother of Keelin.

Shaw Angharad Guardsman
Odara Hagensen can probably attribute the tomboyish and aggressive nature she had in childhood to her brother Shaw's influence. Shaw, who was the middle child for a time, was always getting into trouble and often got into fights, especially with his own brother, Peyton. Though he grew out of being a troublemaker, Shaw never lost his fierce temperament. When he rejected the life of a farmer and joined the village guard, no one was surprised, least of all his sister (who was still following in his footsteps).

On the night the draka assaulted Llandrian, Shaw was on duty. His fierceness would prove to be his undoing, but it would also make him a hero. Many of the draka that died that night did so at the end of Shaw's blade. Sadly, the draka brought him down as well.

Family: Second child of Parlan and Fenella; brother of Peyton, Odara, and Maeve; husband of Torri; father of Meghan

Shen Apprentice Warden
Shen is a renshi and an apprentice warden, under Legear.
Shiana Hagensen Artisan
The only daughter of Laird Regan, Shiana made quite the scandal when she married a local guardsman — a Northlander, no less — instead of marrying into a noble bloodline. But that’s the way Shiana’s always been: headstrong and determined to follow her own course. In that way, she’s very much like her father.

Family: Third child of Regan and Brianna. Sister of Torin, Anson, and Edrik. Wife of Vangrid. Mother of Vidar, Arna, and Thorvid.

Sorscha Aldfrith Witch
One of the Aldfrith twins, Sorscha is the less personable of the two, but she’s much easier to have a straight conversation with. She also instills a sense of safety and security during a time of crisis. While her sister, Nuala, is the brewer and grower of things, Sorscha is the crafter and "keeper of words". Her familiar is a large and haughty raven named Renshaw.

Sir Tedmund Knight of Westphal
Sir Tedmund has been in service to the throne of Snowdown for many years. He is a formidable looking man — a giant by Ffolk standards — who’s made all the more intimidating when he’s bedecked in plate armor. He is a personal guard to High Laird Pwylloch and a good friend of Sir Nerian.

Tenembray Lady of Shadow

Tenembray serves the Tyrant of Mintarn as enforcer, spy and, some say, assassin. She is a pale, raven-haired beauty touched by the same shadow essence that marks the blood of Edrik and Elias Kynedyr. 
Thorvid Hagensen Fisherfolk and Militia
Of the three Hagensen children, Thorvid is the one that takes after his mother the most, both in appearance and temperament. To look at him, you wouldn’t be able to tell that he is the son of a Northlander — he looks wholly Ffolkish — though he is a bit taller than average.

Thorvid is soon to be a father.

Family: Third child of Vangrid and Shiana. Brother of Vidar and Arna. Husband of Rowyna.

Torin Eideard (Torin the Younger) Fianna
Torin the Younger was a brave and committed lad, but with something of a mean streak. He enjoyed throwing his weight around when he could get away with it. Recently, he was rendered a simpleton by a head injury he received from Piers Haxx during a particularly brutal hurley game. However, he recovered quite miraculously from that injury when he was apparently chosen by the Mother to be one of her new Fianna, a spirit warrior of the Jannathi.

Family: Second child of Connel and Neala. Brother of Riddock the Younger and Rory.

Torin Kynedyr (Torin the Elder) Noble
Torin is most everything one would imagine a laird to be: dependable, capable, shrewd and confident. However, he lacks a certain quality — a dynamism in character — that most memorable leaders, including his father, possess. While people will follow Torin’s lead easily enough, he doesn’t really inspire the devotion one sees exhibited for someone like High Laird Pwylloch. He is a man more dedicated to the letter rather than the spirit, and it shows. Though efficient, he is emotionally distant and never seems genuinely passionate about anything.

Not surprisingly, Torin dislikes anything that departs from what is expected and traditional. He’s a man who likes to know exactly where he stands and exactly where everything else is in relation to him. He doesn’t like surprises or anything that deviates too far from what is considered normal.

Family: First child of Regan and Brianna. Brother of Anson, Shiana and Edrik. Husband of Mercia. Father of Nolan, Alroy, Elias, and Rhian.

The Tyrant Ruler of Mintarn
Fair-haired, clean-shaven, and rather ordinary looking is the Tyrant of Mintarn. However, his eyes hold a sharp, cold clarity and often a mischievous sparkle as well. He is always seen dressed in neat uniform-like apparel of dark tones, plain and without insignia of any sort. His capacity for cunning and ruthlessness is well known, but he is also completely approachable by his "subjects". His title "the Tyrant" is mostly a joke, as he is about as far from tyrannical as a leader in his position can reasonably be. He is a fierce advocate of independence, both for his island and the people who choose to live there.

Ula Prosser Herbalist and Apprentice Midwife
“Cadhla is best at tending the spirit, and Maeve is best at tending the body… but Ula… Ula tends the heart. And if the heart is not strong, the spirit and the body will whither.”

Aislin Tremayne once made the above comment about her niece, and it’s perhaps the best encapsulation of Ula Prosser’s personality. She is an immensely kind and compassionate person. Though she is skilled with medicines and is quite devoted to the ways of Jannath, it is her empathy, her attentiveness, and her genuine love for people that makes her the accomplished healer she is. It’s difficult not to smile when Ula is in the room.

Family: First child of Garhalt and Leah. Sister of Bran. Wife of Ernan. Mother of Kian.

Vangrid Hagensen Captain of the Guard
Vangrid is a Northlander — which is obvious when looking at him — and like many a Northlander, he is truly gifted in the ways of the warrior. However, he has also spent the majority of his life in Llandrian, and so possesses a temperament that is more Ffolkish than what one would expect from one of the war-hungry Rauthymar. This combination of puissance and calm demeanor is what has earned him the position of Captain in Llandrian’s guard.

However, not everyone in the cantrev is happy having a Northlander in that role. Though Laird Regan obviously thinks Vangrid is best suited for the job, others have argued that people would feel safer with one of their own holding such responsibility... and isn’t that part of a guardsman’s purpose? To make people feel safer?

Vangrid doesn’t seem overly concerned with this contention, though. As long as he’s contributing in some way, he’s satisfied. He would be just as happy fishing or building boats. According to the Laird, this unassuming quality makes him even more qualified for the position. Vangrid does not covet the job, and so performs it without self-serving motivations.

Family: Son of Hagen. Half brother of Saya. Husband of Shiana. Father of Vidar, Arna, and Thorvid.

Vidar Hagensen Guard
He may not look as much the part as his sister, Arna, but there isn’t the slightest doubt in anyone’s mind that Vidar is the true rauthymar of Vangrid’s three children. Vidar likes to fight, likes to embrace life fully, and has a thirst for adventure and glory. He is drawn to the sea, and probably would’ve departed Llandrian were it not for the child he brought into the world.

However, his wife at least partially shares his rambunctious spirit, and so it remains very likely that the couple might depart quiet Llandrian for more exciting environs. Westphal seems the most probable destination.

Family: First child of Vangrid and Shiana. Brother of Arna and Thorvid. Husband of Odara. Father of Yisreal.

Vlanmir Northlander Priest of Tempus
Vlanmir is a Northlander. He resides on Mintarn, and like many on that island, he is not entirely conventional. However, he is conventional enough that he finds the ways of his fellow priest, Horatio, and exotic easterner, to be vexing. Vlanmir is a rotund man fond of drink and food and, oddly enough, poetry. His blonde hair has the faintest tinge of red, which gives it an orange cast in the right light.
Willem Seamere Fisherfolk
Willem Seamere was once the favored target for the practical jokes of his brother, Casnar. This was before Casnar's own son Gwyn inherited  the role. Arguably, Willem was not as well suited for it as Gwyn, because, though generally serious-minded, Willem had a wicked streak and a long memory. He would get back at his brother in elaborate ways for jokes that had been pulled on him months, and sometimes even years, before. In fact, before they gained families of their own, the feud between the Seamere brothers was a headache for their parents and a highlight of village gossip for a very long while. It extended beyond their jokes as well, as they disagreed on almost everything. Arguments were common.

But the feud was always ultimately good-natured, and this was never made clearer than it was in the autumn of 1372, when Willem was lost at sea. The light of Casnar's spirit is a little dimmer since the loss of his little brother. Despite their adversarial relationship, Casnar and Willem were obviously very close. 

Family: Second child of Dayne and Narise; brother of Casnar, Ernan, and Erin; husband of Gilna; father of Bruinn, Canmin, and Igrayne.

Winnifred Kynedyr Noble Daughter of Harloch
The eldest daughter of the former laird of Harloch, Winnifred married Anson Kynedyr more out of convenience than love (a motivation that went both ways). However, evidence suggests that, over the years, the two have become genuinely fond of each other. One thing that is beyond doubt is the love that they share for their son, Glew.

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